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Application setup

Installing the application

You can download the latest Discord MagicPresence version (1.1) by using this link

After downloading the ZIP file, extract it and launch the EXE file, you will be prompted to install the application

Once installed, a shortcut will be created on your desktop (you can also use the EXE as a shortcut)

Note: some antivirus software may detect the application as malicious, in that case you can safely ignore the warning (this is due to some embedded DLLs used to communicate with Discord)

Updating the application

When a new version is available, a notification will be displayed in the main application window

To install the update, simply download the latest version (1.1 at the moment) and follow the installation process

Note: updating the application may delete your old settings and configs if major changes have been made

Uninstalling the application

If you want to completely uninstall the application you can do so by pressing Windows+R, typing %appdata% and deleting the folder DG25-DMP

Note: if the application is not running, no process or service will be executed

Discord Rich Presence setup

Creating a client

If you want to make a custom Discord Rich Presence, you will need to create a client by visiting the Discord Developer Portal (you must login with a Discord account)

Once you are on the Discord site, click New Application and type the name you want to appear when starting the client as the game you are playing

After creating the application you can move to the Rich Presence section and upload a cover image as well as any other asset image you want to use later

You can now click on Save Changes and copy the CLIENT ID in the General Information section to use later

Using a client

Once you have a client ID, open up Discord MagicPresence and paste it in the text box

To check if the entered ID is valid, click on Validate Client ID and view assets

You can now customize how your Discord Rich Presence status will appear by editing the configs

After customizing the configs, you can click on Start client with current configs to make it appear on your Discord Rich Presence status (make sure you have enabled Game activity in the Discord settings)

If you make any changes after starting the client, you can update the Discord Rich Presence status by clicking Apply current configs to client

Tip: when you open the window to validate the client ID, you can right click on any asset to automatically use it as a large or small image

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Feedback and support

Contacting me

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