The easiest app to protect your privacy from microsoft and block annoying ads everywhere!
Only a few steps: download, run and protect!
Once you are protected you can even delete EasyPrivacy, no programs will be running in the background!

Latest version is:

Download this version

Changelog | Privacy list | AD Block list

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System requirements

-> Windows OS
-> Administrator privileges
-> Microsoft dotNET Framework 4 installed (Download here)

How to protect your privacy

1) Download the file by clicking on the above link "Download this version"
2) Once the file is downloaded, open the zip and extract the executable file
3) Double-click the extracted file to run the application (see "TIPS" if you are getting messages from Windows)
4) Once the app is running, click on the desidered protection
5) Done!

How to update

1) Download the latest version of the application from the above link "Download this version"
2) Extract and execute the application


-If you see a window saying "Windows protected by your PC" just click "More info" and then "Run anyway"
(this is caused because the app needs to modify a system file to protect your privacy!)

For help / suggestions / feedback send a message to this email: admin@davg25.com