Scammer's Nightmare

Scammer's Nightmare


Thanks to this application, you will be able to have a lot of fun with the Windows Support scammers!
Once you have adjusted the settings basing on your needs, the app will hide and run in background, making the scammer angry!
What if he uses the task manager? He'll have a nice surprise!

Latest version is:

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System requirements

-> 64 Bit Windows OS
-> Administrator privileges
-> Microsoft dotNET Framework 4 installed (Download here)

How to install

1) Download the file by clicking on the above link "Download this version"
2) Once the file is downloaded, open the zip and move the executable file in a folder of your choice (preferibly a hidden one so the scammer will not find out the app)
3) Double-click the moved file to run the application (see "TIPS" if you are getting messages from Windows)
4) Done! Your application is now installed correctly!

How to update

1) Open the Run box (Windows key + R)
2) Type "powershell" in and hit Enter (or open your custom magic process)
3) If a message box appears click OK, if not, the application is already closed
4) Make sure that you have "AutoRun" disabled in the application settings
5) Download the latest version of the application from the above link "Download this version"
6) Replace the old file (.exe) with the one downloaded now


-If you enabled "AutoRun" you can hide the "User Account Control" window by clicking "Change when these notifications appear"
(you will see it when you start the application) and move the control to "Never notify", after that click OK and then Yes

-If you see a window saying "Windows protected by your PC" just click "More info" and then "Run anyway"
(this is caused because the app needs to modify some registry to work!)

-If you are not seeing anything when starting the application, try typing "powershell" in the Run box (Windows key + R) (or opening your custom magic process)

For help / suggestions / feedback send a message to this email: