TEVOS is a multilayered protection for plain text data
The data is encrypted on your system with multiple steps of encryption to ensure the maximum safety
You will be the only one to access your data

Our tests shows that to crack the TEVOS MD5, it would require about 30 SEXAGINTILLION YEARS (30 x 10^183), instead of 2 HUNDRED NANOSECONDS from Fly Menu - Secure Container

Latest version is:

Download launcher


Image 1 | Image 2

System requirements

-> Windows OS
-> Valid Antivirus software
-> Microsoft dotNET Framework 4 installed (Download here)

How to install

1) Download the file by clicking on the above link "Download launcher"
2) Once the file is downloaded, open the zip and move the executable file in a folder of your choice
3) Double-click the moved file to run the application (see "TIPS" if you are getting messages from Windows)
4) Done! Your application is now installed correctly!

How to update

1) Open the application
2) Click "Update" in the main UI


-If you see a window saying "Windows protected by your PC" just click "More info" and then "Run anyway"

For help / suggestions / feedback send a message to this email: admin@davg25.com